FFUN has chosen two ambassadors to better achieve its goals

Kyiv - March 2021

For his exceptional work in the field of sustainable global development and international relations. For this reason he plays an important role contributing to create, as part of the international project “The Silk Road” A path as shared and broad as possible, involving the largest number of countries not only in Europe but all over the world in promoting it.

Having Mr. Ivchenko declared his desire to contribute to the FFUN objectives by making his experience, contacts and reports available,

FFUN has appointed Mr. VADYM IVCHENKO as Ambassador of FFUN for “The Silk Road” Project

International coordinator for UN/UNESCO SDG program for UNESCO Center of Bologna.Creator of different projects directed to raise awareness and funds for combating covid19. Activist of NO PROFIT organizations aiming to support Sustainable Development.

Having Mrs Katrakis declared her desire to contribute to the FFUN objectives by making her experience, contacts and reports available

FFUN has appointed Mrs CHRISTINA KATRAKIS as Ambassador for International Relations

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