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With the help of our Foundation For United Nations, you will become an ambassador of the corporation with a responsible civil position and get the opportunity to:

  • Formation of the image at various events and campaigns, which is associated with a strong and prestigious brand
  • International visibility.

Partnership with the Foundation For United Nations provides an opportunity to:

  • Participate in creating shared value (business organization and communities).
  • Promote competition and innovations.
  • Promote the development of sustainable business models
  • Integrate business into the community: company-sponsored volunteer work, volunteer work on behalf of a non-profit organization.
  • Promote the development of Human Capital (a key factor in the developed countries).
  • Incorporate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) into your business strategy: for example, consideration of the ethical aspects in the production of products and services.
  • Carry out socially significant marketing: donations to charities based on the sale of goods and services.
Professionals *

Areas in which they can collaborate with the Foundation:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • IT
  • Law
  • Others


  • International visibility.
  • Growth of own professional image.
  • Guarantee of serious work that meets high ethical standards.
  • Unique experience of working with an international organization that is engaged in highly effective social business.
  • Ability to use resources of the sponsors.
  • Competitive advantage compared to the conventional companies that do not have the opportunities we offer.
  • Regular international meetings.
  • Plenary sessions.

* Professional collaboration with the Foundation is pro-bono without any compensation exceeding the coverage of management costs.


The main aim of the Foundation is to support the 17 goals of UN AGENDA 2030 for Sustainable Development.

From fighting poverty to providing high-quality education.

From gender equality to environmental protection, and much more.

In this context and after careful reflection, we have decided to make our contribution to support the program, so that "no one remains behind".


Partners who are interested in joining the project must respect TEN ETHICAL practices defined by the Foundation:

  • All the associates are fairly paid and employed with a regular contract regardless of their religion, race, political ideas, or ethnicity.
  • There is no discrimination towards women in terms of equal pay and career opportunities.
  • The employer complies with all applicable national tax laws and regulations.
  • The employer refrains from hiring and/or exploiting the under-age workforce.
  • There are no restrictions applied to any particular communities, countries, or areas.
  • To be committed to promoting greater environmental responsibility.
  • To be open for visits and inspections of production sites and offices.
  • Willingness and readiness as much as possible to participate in any collaboration initiatives for humanitarian and charitable causes.
  • Do Not use FFUN name and logo without signed authorization.
  • Commitment to participate in and support commercial and marketing initiatives carried out to promote the projects of the Foundation.