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First Memorandum Agreement in Kazakhstan 11/03/2024

President, Maurizio Aronica, on behalf of Foundation for United Nations SDG (FFUN SDG), signed a significant cooperation agreement in Almaty with Turan University to advance sustainability efforts.
This agreement marks a crucial milestone as it represents our foundation's first partnership in Kazakhstan. It underscores our unwavering commitment to propel the realization of the United Nations' AGENDA 2030, particularly in the largest country of Eurasia.
 This collaboration with Turan University signifies a pivotal step towards fostering sustainable development practices in Kazakhstan.
Together, we aim to leverage our collective expertise and resources to address the challenges outlined in AGENDA 2030, thereby contributing to the broader global sustainability agenda. We recognize the importance of fostering partnerships with institutions like Turan University to drive positive change and sustainable development outcomes. Through joint efforts, we are confident in our ability to make meaningful strides towards a more sustainable future in Kazakhstan and across the broader Eurasian region. This agreement exemplifies the spirit of international cooperation and solidarity in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We look forward to the fruitful collaboration ahead and the positive impact it will have on communities and ecosystems in Kazakhstan and beyond.

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